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Offering autism / special needs support, including inexpensive, instantly downloadable PDF files for self-printed booklets, mobile and computer use.

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Over 20 titles developed by a mother of autism for your family and autism support needs. Great for schools, service and health providers as well as parents.

Custom stories also available for your home or business - email for more information.

Check out our stories and holiday coloring pages or find links and information to help special kids learn to read. You can also learn more about us and our journey.

Please check out our additional family services:
(available in multiple languages, thanks to Google Translator )
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Herbs for Kids - Tips on Natural Remedies and Supplements Herbs for Kids

Browse personalized autism awareness items and gifts
in our Zazzle store.
We see a lot of Autism Awareness products out there, but thought we could use some with holiday themes (they are great for halloween trick or treating or going to a parade or party), so we made some fun Autism Awareness items with Zazzle. You will find kind, all purpose Autism Awareness shirts - even hats you can customize with a name and/or a phone number on the back to help kids who wander find their way back home more easily. Please check out what we have and feel free to send suggestions.


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