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These are my most frequently asked questions. If this does not answer your question, please feel free to contact us.

Add to Cart or Buy it Now?
With our new system, you will receive your download links immediately - on screen and by email. Buy It Now will give you multiple transactions, while Add to Cart will ask for payment for all the titles in your order. You no longer need to wait for me to send the links by email.

Choose your format:
iPad / Nook Viewing - Single Pages for an app feel

Choose this format if you want to view the story on screen with just 1 page at a time - great for computer, smart phone, iPad, tablets, Nook and Kindle. Any device that can display PDF files will work.

Note: Not every title is availabler in this format just yet. We are in the process of updating all title, but just aren't there yet. If you see one you want that we don't have, please email.

On-line Viewing or Single Sided Printing

Choose this format if you want to view the story on screen with 2 pages visible at a time - either for computer, smart phone or iPad.

This format also works for those who have difficulty with double sided printing or for those who want a heavier, more substantial book. You can staple one corner or tape pages back-to-back.

Printable Book Format (bind with string or staples)

This format allows you to use just 3 pieces of paper, using double sided printing. You can use staples or string to hold the pages together.

Each printer is different in the way it handles double sided printing. Please consult your printer's user manual for more information.

Black and White Printable Book Format (bind with string or staples)

Designed for those using black and white printers (like me), the formatting information is the same as above, it's just monotone. By now I find that this format is not used, so I am not doing these any more. If you need a black and white version, please email and I will do what I can, if time allows.